steve_headshot2                            Mission

To provide chiropractic care to families and individuals
     to enhance the expression of the human spirit.



What is it that you want to do with your life? What is it that you see yourself doing when you are at your best?

Defining and living your purpose is self-fulfillment. The only way that is truly possible, is if you have complete transmission of innate.

It is about the efficiency with which the body performs the tasks that "we" get it to do; how your machine responds to the energy of thought. Every action begins with a thought and is transformed into an action or reaction within the body. The resultant reaction is monitored by the brain. The brain then corrects and continues.

Now the speed with which these impulses are transmitted and received and the accuracy with which these impulses are conveyed determine the quality of the action by the body. The more closely the action mimics the thought, the more likely we are to achieve self actualization.


Your spinal column surrounds and protects your spinal cord...your transmission line. Even small changes in the quality of movement or alignment of the bones of your spinal column (vertebral subluxations) will interfere with optimal nervous function, leading to a reduction or distortion in expression of thought (both conscious and unconscious). No longer will the body respond at its full potential, thereby reducing the expression of your innate.


As a chiropractor, I seek to reduce or remove these sources of distortion, allowing you to experience the true potential of your life.


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