Living healthy in all aspects of my life has always been a priority to me. Physically, nutritionally, mentally and emotionally, balance, for me, is the key to being and giving always. Being in tune with and trusting in my mind, body and soul has brought me to where I am today.

Chiropractic has been the key to pulling all my practices together to create the wellness lifestyle that my family and I live daily. We all work hard and play hard, sharing and supporting each other's passions whether it's soccer, dancing, swimming, hiking or snowshoeing. Sleep, I have discovered, is just as important to us as exercise as it sets the day's tone. Nutrition is a major part of our wellness plan. I do my best to create and provide healthy whole food meals with an emphasis on vegetables, proteins and spices. Mental and emotional health is kept is check by spending quality time together as a family and as a couple, allowing opportunities for constant communication. I believe in taking on only what we are able to give 100% to and having lots of love and respect for each other. Chiropractic has been the "GO TO" for us when our lifestyle has been pulled or pushed out of balance.

I started working with Dr. Weller in May 1995. Freshly graduated from Capilano College Medical Office Assistant program, armed with many years of childcare experience and working with the public, I was excited to begin a new career and ultimately change my life.  I GOT IT!!
Do YOU get it?

Call me anytime if you have questions about adding a Chiropractor to your lifestyle.

I believe that individuals should have choice about their health care. I support a Health Care System that allows each of you the right to choose where your health dollars are spent. I believe that if more people choose Chiropractic Care as a means for improving their health , the intake of prescription drugs and the cost of caring for people in society would diminish.

A Chiropractic lifestyle is like joining a gym. Initially you may have to work extra hard repairing or changing your alignment before reaching optimum function. It's no different from a work-out program. After taking your history and assessing your present health condition we determine a program which moves you toward optimum function. Each program is individual.